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5 Sliding Glass Patio Door Alternatives

A door is a connection between your outside living space and the interior of your home. For a time, sliding glass doors were the tradition choice and used in many homes. When you are thinking about home renovation, replacing an old sliding glass door is an easy and cost-effective update. At times, replacing an old door is even a must-do thing.

However, people also consider replacing sliding glass doors to increase their home’s value, energy-saving, safety, and style. Sliding doors may need a replacement due to their framework or track system.

If you decide to go with an upgrade, you may consider changing the number of sliding doors. In this blog, we will explore sliding glass door replacement.

Pocket Sliding Doors

Source: Home Stratosphere

Nowadays, pocket sliding doors are loved due to the convenience when space constraints are involved. With no hinges required, the door slides into the wall.

Bi-Fold or Accordion Doors

Source: Real Homes

Some bi-fold doors are similar to sliding doors. They slide to one side when opened, generally into two halves. The accordion door gets its name because when opened it resembles an accordion. They don’t rely on the pocket and are a great idea if your wall won’t accommodate it.

Other Sliding Patio Door Alternatives

We know pocket sliding doors are superb, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t left with alternatives. Let’s walk you through some good alternatives to consider for replace sliding glass door –

Shoji sliding screens

Source: Décor Snob

These are Japanese-style patio doors that can also be used to divide rooms or parts of a room. These sliding doors are preferable in hot climates as shoji sliding screens are known for absorbing the heat and dissipating it.

French doors 

French doors are traditional, and thus, very appealing. They have a simple design – swinging in or out from the centerline.

Dutch doors 

These are two doors split in the middle, allowing an independent opening of the top and bottom parts. Dutch doors are versatile depending on your needs – open both the parts if you need to step out, open the top part if you want fresh air, or open the bottom part of your pet’s knocking on the door.

Source:  Simpson door

Replacing a sliding glass door/patio door: 

For accomplishing the task of replacement, purchasing the right window/door is the most important step, but it’s not the only one. Here are the basic steps to follow, though hiring a professional is the best idea:

  • Measure the existing door from the inside and the outside of the frame
  • Purchase the replacement patio door accordingly. 
  • A different frame needs to be created to replace any other type of door with a sliding door as there will be a door gliding past the other.
  • Now, you should have the kits of framework readily available, which would be used to construct the frame. 
  • For the construction of the frame, you would require a drill and wood glue. If you already have a sliding door that needs to be repaired, ensure you make the repairs when the door has been removed. 
  • Once done with the replacement, double-check the fitting. Make appropriate use of shims and caulk to ensure gaps are left in the framework.  

Lastly, it’s crucial to note that sliding glass doors should only be replaced by someone who has related experience. If you don’t have any experience replacing doors or windows, you’d instead leave this to the experts, as mentioned above.

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