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Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors: Why Choose Them

Sliding glass doors are a perfect option for any home, be it spacious and open or modest with small rooms. Not only are they a great option as a door to the outside, they can be used elsewhere in your house, including your dressing room, a bathroom, or as a room divider. Wherever they are used, you can enhance the beauty of sliding glass windows with window coverings or curtains, making it an integral element of your home décor.

While as simple as a door can be, sliding glass doors can add an additional attribute to your home, while being both safe and stylish. As an outside door, some people don’t choose glass patio sliding doors because of privacy concerns. However, those concerns can be easily addressed with window coverings.

Sliding Glass Door Advantages

Whether using a sliding glass door for an interior or exterior purpose, they offer some distinct advantages over a classic door. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a sliding glass door:

1. Maximize Your space

  • When a patio sliding door is chosen instead of a solid wooden door or small windowed door, it instantly gives the feeling of spaciousness. With no door arc space needed, like in a traditional door, the entire area of the wall can be utilized for the glass door. Using a sliding glass door to bring the outdoors in is the most popular use, but the use of these doors in home interiors is popular in modern design. For example, using it as a wall between a small bedroom and its connecting closet makes the space seem larger.
Source: Decoist

2. Easy Maintenance

  • Sliding glass doors come with few maintenance requirements. The glass can be cleaned with a regular glass cleaner, one use of cleaner and the shine returns. The other part that requires timely maintenance is the gliding rail, and for it, a vacuum cleaner does the job. Apart from these two, there is nothing else that requires your attention.

3. No termites, no swelling

  • On typical wood doors to the outside, you worry about termite damage and swelling due to moisture, which are their major drawbacks. Yes, you can get rid of termites with the use of repellents, but those chemicals directly affect the wood durability. Such a problem isn’t encountered with glass doors, and there is no change in the shape of the door due to moisture content. Find options to buy vinyl or aluminium patio sliding doors from Window Liquidators.

4. Light and warmth

  • Natural light lends an atmosphere of warmth and serenity to any room. To maximize natural light you can make no better choice than installing sliding glass doors. They are a natural and eco-friendly source of light and warmth due to their immense size.
Source: American Window & Door
  • Our list of advantages isn’t exhaustive, as there many more benefits of sliding glass patio doors! With the availability of window treatments for sliding patio doors available, the sole disadvantage of privacy loss is easily mitigated.

Sliding Glass Door Blinds & Other Window Covering Options

There are plenty of window coverings for sliding glass doors, when you need privacy. With a wide variety of blinds and curtains for patio doors from which to choose, you will find something to fit the style of your home.

Today, several different types of blinds for sliding glass doors are available, which provides virtually unlimited options from which to choose in order to match your interior as well as the door itself. Sliding panels are among the top choices for door blinds due to the fabric options, easily finding a complementary color or pattern to match your existing décor. If the room temperature is also a concern, vertical cellular shades are the answer. Due to the presence of air pockets, which work as insulation, the temperature inside the room is entirely controllable. And if your only concern is style, there is nothing better than beautiful curtains.

Source: A Creative Mom

Sliding Glass Doors from Window Liquidators

To cater to your need for a perfect sliding glass door, Window Liquidators provides you a range of options to explore. Since our sliding glass doors come in multiple color options, sizes and styles, you never have to compromise about choosing the right fit for your home. For compact spaces, we have bypass doors and pocket sliding doors that come in various designs. Especially for doorways, you can purchase patio doors from the numerous designs. Patio sliding glass doors can be installed in any large spacious zone.

Window Liquidators has been offering doorstep delivery across the USA, while building customer loyalty due to the exceptional services offered. Choose from our many affordable and stylish options. Our team believes in supporting you until the job is complete and rests only once you are satisfied with the installation process.

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