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What type of replacement windows are there?

What type of Replacement Windows?

A replacement window is a window which is installed in existing window opening to avoid messing with the construction of your home. Window replacement is trending now a days as it fits in the existing opening as well as the old weather beaten windows gets replaced with the newer ones which enhances the ambience and look of the house at minimum cost.

So from various varieties of replacement windows present in market one gets overwhelmed in choosing the right replacement window. To have proper window replacement consider the below 7 types of replacement window:

  • Double Hung
  • Single Hung
  • Bay Window
  • Bow Window
  • Picture Window
  • Sliding Window
  • Casement Window

Now let’s get brief about the above mentioned windows, to help you choose the appropriate replacement window for your house.

Double hung
Double hung windows haves two sash, both are operational i.e. you can move both sash up and down which allows top, bottom or both ventilation facility. These are easy to clean as sash is tilted inward.

Single hung
In Single hung windows the top sash is fixed and the bottom one is operational therefore there is less ventilation comparatively. These windows are somewhat cheaper than double hung but cleaning them is cumbersome.

Bay window and Bow window
Bay windows are the collection of three windows at the angle of 25-to-45- degrees and bow windows are the collection of 3, 4 or 5 windows at the angle of 10- or 15- degree. These windows give beautiful focal point to your home. These are perfect for a reading nook in your room.

Picture Window
Picture windows are stationary and do not open, which makes them energy efficient. Also large sizes are available in these type of windows.

Sliding window
Sliding windows are best for any architectural style, and are best where width of window opening is greater than the height.

Casement window
Casement windows are best when the height of your window opening is larger than the width. These windows are easy to clean and opens with easy turn fold down handle.

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