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Window Box Planter Ideas

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In cities, small space gardening has its unique challenges. Homeowners may not have any useful gardening spaces. One creative option for such problems in urban dwellings is to use window boxes as your tiny garden.

Imagine a mini garden that sprouts outside your window, blooming with colorful flowers, lush plants or flourishing succulents, and gives your house a striking new look. Not just for exterior enjoyment, you can enjoy these boxes from inside, too, when the tips of gorgeous flowers and plants pop up from just below the window frame. They are an elegant and easy way to add value to your home and enhance its look. Window boxes are very simple to plant and manage with little maintenance, and they can be used in both apartments and houses.

Building the Perfect Window Box

Window Flower Boxes offer a special touch to your home’s exterior. Although they are readily available at your local home improvement store, window boxes are much simpler to make than you may guess and can be built with reused or recycled supplies, which means they are also budget-friendly.

We at Window Liquidators love seeing stylish window boxes dress up our vinyl windows. No matter what you plant in your window box, they will add a unique design and beauty to the windows. If you love them too and want to add them to your home, you can make your own in a wide variety of styles. Find the right style for your home and learn how to build a window box.

How To Hang Window Boxes

Window boxes are very versatile, as you can add a splash of color and choose any plant that interests you. They can even be a handy addition to a kitchen if you plant herbs or vegetables in them. Installation is a crucial part of adding window boxes to your home. If installed correctly, they will stay stable on your house for years. A successful installation relies on accurate positioning of the box, supports on the house and secure attachment with proper fasteners. Here’s a step by step guide to how to hang a window box.

Tips for a Wonderful Window Box

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Window Box Preparation and Maintenance

First, make sure that your window box is in good condition and has proper drainage. Improper drainage can instantly spoil the boxes, especially the wooden boxes, and possibly damage the siding of your home. The window box should be inspected and painted regularly to keep it as good as new. Before planting, all the hanging hardware should be inspected, tightened, replaced or repaired if required.

Choosing the Right Window Box for Your Home

While selecting your window box, always take into account the style of your home, appropriate size and unique gardening preferences. Do you love a traditional look, or do contemporary looks suit you better? To match your taste, traditional window box flowers are a good pick for a classic look, and innovative flower combinations complement a modern design. Both styles are great exterior design elements to improve your home’s curb appeal. In any of these options, choose plants and flowers in a way that enhances your home’s freshness and color.

‘Sun’ vs. ‘Shade’

Your window boxes are going to face all kinds of weather. Some get a ton of sun, while some are in the shade. While deciding what to grow in your window boxes, this should always be taken into consideration. If your window boxes are in sunny locations, you need sun-loving and heat-tolerant plants or flowers such as Lantana, Marigolds or Blanket-flower. If your window boxes are in the shade, plants or herbs such as Alyssum, Begonias or Calendula are better suited.

Keep in mind soil and spacing!

While planting the window boxes, you must start with quality, clean, enriched, well-draining soil. The soil used in the containers should be the right mix. Always try to choose flowers with bright, enduring blooms in colors that complement the ambience. When using potted plants, make sure the plants are not pot-bound. If they are, use more substantial containers for repotting. Place the plants close but without crowding so that a few inches are left between each plant for new growth.

How to water a window box

Do you water your window boxes regularly or not? 

Watering your window boxes is essential. If you check the soil and it’s dry, you need to water your plants. It is suggested to keep the soil moist and stimulate roots to grow by daily watering in early morning or early evening. The flowers are not sown in the ground, which means they only have a set amount of soil to pull the moisture. Without moisture the plants would not survive, but be careful not to overwater them!

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize!

After planting your window boxes, do not forget to feed your plants. Window box plants need to be fertilized regularly to keep them healthy throughout the season. It’s safe to use a scoop of natural wormcasting fertilizer to help them grow. And FYI, flowers love compost. Once they are established, it’s suitable to apply fertilizer to your plants once a week. 

If you are a beginner gardener, a window box is a great way to start. They are a welcome addition to any space, large or small. 

So what are you waiting for?

Add a vibrant splash of color and touch of charm and whimsy to your home decor by transforming your windows with a window box now! Have a quick look at window box ideas and styles, and then take a day off, roll up your sleeves and hang a window box at your place.

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