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Argon Gas in Windows: The Pros and Cons

Argon Gas in Windows: The Pros and Cons

A window’s purpose is not solely ventilation and lighting, so manufacturers offer many choices. Sometimes a choice is made based only on style or color, but there are other features that serve a specific purpose. For instance, are you aware that windows play a vital role in maintaining your home temperature? It’s crucial that windows provide proper insulation from outside weather, otherwise, you see a direct impact on your energy bills. Choosing to install argon gas windows can make a big difference in home insulation and reduce your energy costs.

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What is an argon glass window?

Argon glass windows are those in which the double-pane in a window is filled with argon gas. Argon is a noble, dense, and colorless gas. These properties make it capable of providing thermal insulation for your home. When windows are filled with argon gas, the heat transfer through them reduces significantly (when compared to air-filled double-pane windows), providing improved insulation. In fact, argon glass windows provide so many advantages that they are a popular choice among builders, as well as homeowners. Let’s look at argon-filled windows from a few different perspectives.

Benefits of argon glass windows:

  • Reduced energy bills 
    • Be it a residential or a commercial window, energy efficiency is sought after by the owners to reduce their bills. And when we talk about argon windows, one major advantage offered is energy efficiency. This fact accounts for many of those homeowners who choose argon glass for their replacement windows.
  • Climate versatility
    • Argon-filled glass is suitable for all climates. This is due to insulative properties which result in minimum heat exchange through the window. Thus, argon windows are a good choice for thermal insulation in both hot and cold climates. 
  • Additional benefits of argon glass windows: 
    • Since the gas is filled between the windowpanes, the window becomes more soundproof.  
    • Being an inert gas, it does not corrode the window material. 
    • When compared to other gases, condensation due to argon is less.
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Disadvantages of argon-filled glass windows:

  • Leakage of gas
    • Due to the expansion or contraction of window materials, esp. the glass, the gas starts leaking. Even if the window materials and weather seals are intact, leakage can happen in argon-filled windows.  
  • Lifespan
    • When the window has lost more than 20% of the gas, condensation is clearly visible. This indicates the efficiency of the window has taken a direct hit. Factors such as direct sunlight would only worsen this condition, shortening the lifespan of the window. 

Cost of argon-filled windows

The cost of a replacement window is always an important consideration. The initial investment in installing argon-filled windows is rather higher, around $40-$50 per square foot. Nevertheless, these windows contribute to long-term energy savings and reduce your energy costs overall. So, the energy savings due to these windows would be greater than the initial cost of installation, which is why the upgrade to argon-filled windows is not a bad idea even from a cost perspective.

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