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Bathroom Windows: What Do You Need to Know About Choosing Them

When designing a bathroom, you may wonder whether or not you need a window? And if you need to choose a bathroom window, what are some things to consider about it? Does something make bathroom windows different from the rest? In a room considered the most private in your home, considerations are unique.

When choosing windows for your home, you consider what is best for you given your budget, spatial requirements, and aesthetical choices.Bathrooms require additional privacy precautions, making it important to install windows that serve both aesthetic and privacy needs without compromising on either. In addition to privacy and appearance, you must consider a couple of other issues unique to the space. Bathrooms can be home to a lot of moisture, so you must choose bathroom windows that help solve the issue of mold or other problems caused by moisture, such as deterioration of furniture.

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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Window 

You might wonder, given privacy concerns, if you even need a window in your bathroom. The following are some of the benefits of a bathroom window:

  • Increased natural light: Bathroom windows serve the primary purpose of supplying your bathroom with adequate sunlight. This will give it an illuminated look that no artificial light can recreate.  Apart from skylights that can be expensive, a window is your only option for natural light.
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation is a factor that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to planning out a house’s design. Windows serve as primary sources of direct ventilation, and bathroom windows keep the bathroom area ventilated  
  • Aesthetical value: In addition to providing natural light and ventilation, bathroom windows add an aesthetical value to the bathroom by giving it a unique look and an attractive focal point. This is true of windows from modern to classic style.  
  • Regulates humidity: The primary issue for the bathroom, as mentioned above, is the temperature difference that causes condensation leading to increased humidity within the bathroom causing infestation of molds in the bath area as well as windows. Through a bathroom window that can be significantly be regulated.  

Now that you’ve decided to include a window in your new bathroom, or you are going to replace your existing window, you need to think of the details. Unlike windows in other rooms, bathroom windows come with unique requirements. Since bathrooms are damp environments with high humidity, whether from long, hot showers to soaks in the tub, you must choose windows that are good at keeping the humidity regulated. Multi-pane windows effectively reduce the condensation that occurs as a result of the difference between indoor and outdoor air temperature.

Bathroom windows come with additional insulation compared to other window types, being filled with gas to provide additional insulation. Some bathroom windows come with storm windows that give them an extra protection against moisture and humidity.

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Things to consider before buying bathroom windows 


One of the main concerns when choosing a bathroom window is the cost of the window and its installation. Choose a high-end window with complicated mechanisms only when you are willing to bear the high cost of installation. You can choose a simple window type that fits your budget and be more satisfied than overspending on a window that would be the right fit for your bathroom.


Choosing the right size of windows for your bathroom is very important. It relies heavily on the budget that you set for windows. It also depends on the amount of natural light you would want in your bathroom. Whether it is a casement window or picture window, choosing a window type that fits your requirements is crucial.

Level of privacy  

The type of glass you put on your bathroom windows play a huge role in determining the privacy of your bathroom windows. Glass block, for instance, is a translucent window glass type that provides high privacy obstructing the view from outside completely. Textured glass is the kind of glass that serves the dual purpose of privacy and styling giving a textured look to your windows. Frosted glass on the other hand, can give your bathroom windows a hazy look.

Source: doubleglazing

Types of windows that you can get for your bathroom 

Downward opening hopper  

Downward opening hoppers, as their name suggests, open downwards. They are usually installed at a higher location in the bathroom. Therefore, the glass doesn’t need to be treated separately like other window types.

Source: Houzz

Picture windows 

If your home has beautiful view, and you don’t mind bringing the outdoor beauty inside your bathroom, then could be the best fit. Picture windows live up to their name and add a touch of beauty to your bathroom.

Source: pella

Casement windows  

If you want a lot of sunlight without making any compromises to privacy, then you should get casement windows with frosted glass for your bathroom. These windows are one of the most easily operable windows that can allow your bathroom with a good amount of fresh air.


Sliding windows 

Complicated may not always be the best choice when it comes to bathroom windows. Sliding windows with fiberglass might be the choice for you if you want something simple by design and easy to operate.


Awning windows 

Since both casements and awning windows can be opened using a crank, they become one of the most suitable options if you are looking to decorate around the window area. They also provide the advantage of the ease of operation.

Source: qualitywindow&door

Accented windows 

If you are looking for a unique and artistic design for your bathroom windows, then get bathroom windows that are accented horizontally and vertically, giving your bathroom a modern look with the added benefit of natural lighting.

Source: decorpad

There are many variants that you can choose from when it comes to bathroom windows. Therefore, you must choose one that fits your budget, space, theme, and other specifications.

Some other tips for your bathroom 

In the end, choose the window type that suits your preferred function, style and ambiance. Your choices are many, even though you’re looking for a bathroom window.

Ultimately it is a space that you would like not to leave out, therefore it becomes important what you want. If you are someone who wants a spa-like ambiance for your bathroom, then sunlight from a window allows you to add natural elements such as indoor plants to compliment your bathroom.

If you are someone who does not like indoor plants, then simply add more natural light to the bathroom by installing a window that not only provides privacy but also complements the interior of your bathroom by providing a good amount of natural light.

Get the right window and cherish the space for years, get the wrong one and regret wasting countless hours and dollars on making modifications or getting a replacement window. It is essential to take your time before getting a window installed for your bathroom. Don’t make a rushed decision while choosing your window type.

Getting the right window might just be the missing piece of your aesthetic puzzle. Making the right choice needs research and getting the right advice from the people who are best in the business. That is why it becomes important that you get consulted for what is best for you from one of our experts at Window liquidators. If you are looking for a suitable replacement for your existing windows at home, we suggest reading our detailed blog on replacement windows. This will help you choose what is best for you given your budget, spatial requirements, and aesthetical choices.

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