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Best Exterior and Interior Color Options for Windows

Long gone are the times when windows were painted to increase their durability. Window colors can totally change the look of your house from the inside as well as from the outside, and therefore its color combinations are in trend today. Window colors not only make the window inviting, but it also adds to your house décor. The same, or a different color, gives an entirely amazing view to a visitor or passer-by.

People usually go with different colors for the interiors and exteriors of the window. Let us walk you through the ongoing trends in exterior and interior color for windows.

Exterior window colors

  • Crisp white
    • White is a timeless color. White windows add elegance to the exteriors of the house. If the house exteriors have other design details, white would be the right choice as well. And take it from us, white windows are just classy!
Source: Supreme Windows
  • Brushed aluminum
    • No, it doesn’t look gaudy. On the contrary, brushed aluminum gives a modern feel to the house. If you love the glossy look, you can also try black aluminum windows.
  • Satin black
    • Black has been and will be the first choice for those who prefer a contemporary style. Black is one of the most appealing colors for windows, and it goes really well with dark as well as light-colored houses.
    • Unfortunately, people think dark colors, esp. black, aren’t durable. It is now time to put an end to the misconception that dark-colored windows fade! Why are they so durable? One reason is that black uPVC windows have the color bonded with the uPVC, rendering no chance of fading. If still unsure, just spray paint the windows and it’s ready for the next 10 years!
Source: Pillar Homes

Exterior Window Choices

For the exteriors, vinyl color windows are a great choice as they are good insulators and aren’t affected by temperature. While tan and white used to be the only options for a vinyl window, uncountable shades of crème, brown, gray and taupe are available today.

Painting vinyl windows is the easiest and the most affordable way to change the color of window frames. However, there are a few problems that come with the decision to paint vinyl windows. The painted window frame may flake off more quickly than you’d like because the paint doesn’t adhere well to vinyl. Because of this one should never apply the paint directly to the vinyl, instead apply a coat of primer first. Remember dark colors attract more heat, and that may contribute to a change in the shape of the frame.

Once the exterior window color has been decided, it only needs to contrast the wall color. Let’s take a quick look at the most popular combinations of exterior wall color and window color in this list.

  • Gray house with purple windows: This combo lends your exterior some sophistication, and is loved by all because the purple blends perfectly with gunmetal gray.
  • Aqua house with grape-color windows: This will give a vibrant look to your house as it illuminates. If you prefer a bright color combination, this one’s for you.
  • White house with orange windows or vice versa: This is one of the most vibrant combinations that you will come across, and it can instantly lift your mood.
  • Navy blue wall with white window: An elegant color combination that can be used in the interior as well.
Source: Lowe’s

Interior window colors

For the interiors, there is a color for everyone. That being said, choosing the interior window color is more about the existing home style and colors in the house. If you have or wish to create a modern style décor, go with green, purple, and blue palettes.

Source: This Old House

For a traditional style, brown, red, and yellow are the best choices. The colors that can be used in traditional as well as modern style homes are white and black.

Source: Pinterest

Brown gives an earthy feeling, and the nature lovers who have a garden outside, can consider this color. Beige can be applied to those windows which have a higher probability of getting dirty as it hides dirt and dust pretty well.

If you wish to go with a combination, make sure that the sashes and shutters are the darkest. It is also advisable to paint the sashes with a neutral color so that the same color can be applied on the doors. Gray with blue undertones is one such cool combination which can be used in sunny rooms.

By choosing a paintable option, if you get bored of the color the trim can be painted again. Just make sure that you choose the right type of paint depending on the type of trim – latex gloss for wood, metal trim for metals, and a coat of primer for vinyl.

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