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Choosing the Right Window by Room

Windows are the ultimate source of natural light and fresh air for a house, giving it life and enhancing its visual appeal at the same time. Rooms without properly placed windows may feel like dull and stuffy chambers. Windows are not just a traditional requirements in a house, on the contrary, any house is incomplete without them.

While the casement type windows were the only choice for a long time, window choices have now evolved. Depending on the type and size of a room, you get many window designs from which to choose, finding the best one to serve the purpose. But with an abundance of choice, can come a dilemma of being overwhelmed! Not to worry, we have crafted a list of best window types for different rooms in a house to help.

Living room

  • Bay windows

The name bay window is derived from the French word ‘baee’, which means an opening. Bay windows are designed to angle out beyond the exterior wall and to offer individuality to a house. They are a combination of 3 or more windows, which can be of the same or different sizes. Together, they create a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape.

Adding an overhead light and club chairs in the window area, placing a couch to face the window, or positioning a large furniture piece on the opposite wall are some great ideas to implement in a living room with bay windows. It also offers the perfect space to build a window seat that is guaranteed to be a favorite lounging spot.

Source: Nimvo
  • Picture windows

A picture window is generally a large, fixed-pane window. Designed to give you a vast and clear view, these windows act as a frame for the outside scenery. If you have a garden or if you reside in a high-rise apartment, a picture window would offer an amazing view.

If you love the idea of a picture window, consider keeping furniture of the same height at right angles in the room space. This would balance the room and provide great contrast to the furniture.


  • Double hung windows

Double hung windows are quite popular for the kitchen. With various size variants, they offer 100% control over the air circulation as you can open them an inch or all the way from the top or the bottom. And it is so easy to open them without creating any obstructions! Over the kitchen sink or the counters are some of the right places for double hung windows.

  • Sliding patio door

If there is enough space available in the kitchen, then why not! A sliding patio door enhances the incoming natural light and fresh air making the kitchen lively. It would not only elevate the look of the kitchen but also add more character to it. Plus, this is not only a window to the outside, but a door.

Source: Simonton Windows


  • Casement windows

It is a type of window with single or multiple fringes attached on the side and is permanently mounted. Casement windows open like a door and hence provide excellent safety. Depending on the preference and room size, you can choose a medium or large sized window, but it will certainly provide good air circulation and great views.

Source: Norandex
  • Double hung windows

If we talk about the most common type of windows for a bedroom, we need to mention double hung windows. Traditional double hung windows are a great choice for the bedroom where they are easy to operate and to clean as they tilt in. Also, the ability to open both the upper and lower sash provides better ventilation to your bedroom.


  • Awning windows

Awning windows are the ones which have a hinge on the top and opens from the bottom sash. Since it opens away from the main frame, it provides the biggest advantage for bathroom placement. Without being worried about the weather, you can open the windows to improve air circulation. Specially for the bathroom, privacy glass can be used in the window, which would allow light to enter but prevent visibility.

  • Skylight window

Installing a skylight window did go out of style a few years ago but they have already made a comeback! How can one resist the view of the sky, warmth of the sun and the great amount of light? For privacy concerns, internal glazed partitions can be installed to check the visibility. This window is the right choice if a conventional window does not fit in the bathroom.

Source: EBOSS

Walk in closet

  • Hopper windows

The best way to efficiently utilize compact spaces for a window is to have a hopper window. Hopper windows open from the top and generally can be moved all the way to 180 degrees. Since we are talking about a closet here, the opening structure of hopper windows prevent dirt from entering the inside space due to its structure and design.

  • Sliding windows

Keeping the space in mind, sliding windows are another great option for a walk in closet. Since the one half of the windows slides overtop of the other half for opening it, there is no hindrance caused in opening or closing it. Sliding windows come in large as well as small sizes with two or more than two sashes. A small or medium sliding window with two sashes could be an ideal choice for a closet.

Source: Caroline on Design

Finally, your choice of window type for each room of your home comes down to room size, furniture and, most importantly, your design and use preferences. The above list should come in handy for making an informed and quick decision.

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