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How New Windows Increase Home Value?

As the real estate market keeps booming, renovating your home at the right time is key to increasing its value. When it comes to home renovations, you have countless options. But did you know that opting for new replacement windows is consistently one of the top 10 ways to boost your home’s worth? Many homeowners are reluctant to invest in new windows for an older home because of the cost. Since it’s a major investment, they expect a sizeable increase in the home’s value to make it worthwhile. So how can you achieve that gain in value?

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When to Replace Your Home’s Windows

As your home gets older, you may need to replace the windows. Windows typically last around 20 years, but some like wood or vinyl can last 40 years or more with proper care.

There are signs that indicate it’s time for new windows:

  • Major damage and rot – If the window frames are heavily damaged and decaying, you likely need to replace the whole window to prevent air and water leaks.
  • Not opening/closing properly – Windows that get stuck or won’t open and close smoothly need replacement.
  • Letting in outside noise – Just like drafty windows, ones that no longer block outside noises effectively should be replaced.
  • Condensation between panes – It’s common to see condensation on the inside or outside of the window glass. But if there’s moisture buildup between the panes, the window seal has failed and it needs replacement.

When windows show these problems, it’s probably time to install new ones. New windows insulate better, seal out drafts/noise, and operate smoothly – making your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and valuable.

How To Add Value to Your Home?

What if we tell you that an ROI of 85% can be expected if $10K are spent on replacing the windows? At least this is what an article from CNBC says. The exact increase in the value of your home will heavily rely on the windows that you choose for your home. Let’s look at the valuable benefits.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

New Windows Increase Energy Efficiency

Due to changing weather, windows expand and contract over time. This causes the air seal around them to weaken and start leaking. The heat loss and heat gain through old, drafty windows account for around 25% of residential heating and cooling energy usage. One of the quickest and most effective fixes is to opt for new windows. Yes, you’ll have to pay more upfront to install the right replacement windows, but the savings on your monthly energy bills will be significant. Today’s new windows are much more energy-efficient than older ones. When a single-pane window is swapped for an Energy Star-rated new replacement window, estimated yearly savings can range from $101 to $583 – a great selling point when listing a home for sale.

Essential Components for Energy-Efficient Windows That Help Increase Home Value


Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass has an invisible coating that reflects heat, reducing energy loss. This energy-efficient glazing option helps keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter, lowering utility bills and increasing home value.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl window frames are durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient. They won’t rot, peel, or require repainting like wood. Vinyl’s insulating properties enhance energy savings and comfort, making it an appealing choice for homebuyers.

Double-Pane Glass

Double-pane windows have two panes of glass with an insulating air space between them. This added insulation improves energy efficiency over single-pane by reducing heat transfer. Homeowners enjoy lower heating/cooling costs and increased home resale value.

Triple-Pane Glass

Taking insulation a step further, triple-pane windows sandwich two air spaces between three glass panes. This superior insulating design maximizes energy savings while minimizing exterior noise penetration, appealing factors that can increase perceived home value.


Weatherstripping is an important component found around window sashes that provides an extra seal against air leaks, drafts, moisture, and outdoor elements. This adds an essential layer of insulation to reduce energy losses and enhance energy efficiency. Quality weatherstripping creates tight contact between the sash and frame to block outside air infiltration. By preventing conditioned air from escaping, weatherstripping helps lower heating and cooling costs while increasing comfort inside the home – benefits that can raise the perceived value for potential buyers.

Source: AOA

New Windows Help Enhance Home Aesthetics
Over time, windows can sag and make a home look outdated. This aging feature could drastically reduce the home’s value. Opting for new replacement windows increases your home’s value by enhancing its appearance and boosting its curb appeal. Brand new windows can give even a drab home a fresh, vibrant look by accenting the front with a new color scheme. Making this simple upgrade can help you get top dollar for your home, especially in today’s market.

New Modern Windows Keep Out Allergens
For those suffering from allergies, whether seasonal or persistent, upgrading to modern new windows can provide much-needed relief. Older, drafty windows allow outdoor allergens like pollen from grass, trees, and ragweed to infiltrate the home unchecked. But today’s tightly-sealed, high-performance windows act as an effective barrier, preventing allergy triggers from making their way inside.

New Windows Offer Improved Home Security
Windows have seen recent technology improvements that make them more secure. They are no longer just an unsafe, simple pane of glass. With multiple panes and innovative locks available, new replacement windows won’t be an easy entry point into your home. You can now choose window styles and materials designed for enhanced security if that’s your goal. The more secure your new windows, the more secure your entire home becomes. Increased safety directly adds value to your home.

New Modern Windows Mean Less Pollution
Thanks to double and triple-pane glass and insulating frames, you can greatly reduce noise pollution by choosing the right replacement windows. But it’s not just about noise reduction. Well-insulated new windows also protect your home’s interior from outdoor dust and allergens. While this will certainly cut down on cleaning time, it could also help prevent health issues for your family members. Plus, the peaceful, comfortable environment created by quality new replacement windows can increase your home’s value to potential buyers.

Increase Your Home’s Value With Windows From Window Liquidators

Because of all the above replacement windows not only add to your home’s value, but are packed with multiple benefits. If you’re sold on the idea, feel free to browse our new and replacement windows options. If there are any questions, we’re more than happy to answer! Do not delay, if your old, drafty windows need a revamp, we are the answer. Our modern, new windows are not only the best alternative to increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal but also the best bet when it comes to increasing home value.


Q: How do I know when it’s time to replace my home’s windows? 

A: There are several signs that indicate your windows need replacement: major damage/rot to the frames, letting in outside noise, condensation between the glass panes, etc.

Q: Are new energy-efficient windows a better choice?

A: Yes, new energy-efficient windows are a much better choice because they save money on utility bills, keep your home more comfortable, are good for the environment, and increase the value of your home

Q: Are new windows very expensive?

A: The cost of new windows can vary depending on the window type, materials, glass panes, and other features you choose. But in general, new modern windows are quite budget-friendly, especially if you buy them from trusted experts like Window Liquidators.

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