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How New Windows Increase Home Value?

While the real estate sector continues its monumental growth, timely renovation of your home is essential to increase its value. When we speak about renovation of the home, there are a million different options. But, are you aware that replacing windows is consistently on the list of top 10 ways to increase your home’s value? Generally, people are hesitant about investing in new windows in a rather old home, due to the cost. Since the investment is large, homeowners expect a sizable increase in the home’s value.  How do you achieve that?

Source: Crossover Roofing

How To Add Value to Your Home?

What if we tell you that an ROI of 85% can be expected if $10K are spend on replacing the windows? At least this is what an article from CNBC says. The exact increase in the value of your home will heavily rely on the windows that you choose for your home. Let’s look at the valuable benefits.

Increase in energy efficiency

Due to fluctuating weather conditions, windows change size over time. This causes the air seal to weaken and begin to leak. The gain and loss of heat through old, leaky windows leads to ~25% of residential heating and cooling energy use. One of the quickest and effective way to fix this is to replace the window. Yes, you will have to pay a premium to get the windows replaced with the right ones, but the savings in your monthly energy bills won’t let you down. Today, the new windows are much more energy-efficient that the older ones. When a single pane window is replaced with an Energy Start window, an estimated $101 – $583 can be saved every year, which is a great selling point for a real estate listing. 

Home aesthetics

Windows sag with time, which makes a home look outdated. This aging element could affect the home’s value drastically. Replacement windows increase your home’s value by adding to its aesthetic and improving its curb appeal. New windows can provide a fresh look to even a dull home by accentuating the face of the home with a fresh color palette. Making this simple upgrade can get top dollar, especially in the current market!

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Home security

There have been recent technological advancements in windows, which make them more secure. No longer are windows an unsecure, simple pane of glass. With multi-pane availability and innovative locks, new windows will not be an unsafe entry point to your home. You can now choose more secure windows styles and materials if your goal is to increase home security. The more secure your windows are, the more secure your home is. Increased safety will directly add to the value of your home.

Source: AOA

Less pollution  

With the availability of double and triple glass panes and insulating frames, the noise pollution gets reduced to a great extent when you choose the right windows. And it’s not just noise pollution reduced. When windows provide good insulation, they also keep your home safe from pollution with dust and allergens. While this will certainly save the amount of time you invest in cleaning, it might also save your family members from related health conditions. Again, the peacefulness and comfort of a home’s interior can increase its value to a new owner.

Because of all the above replacement windows not only add to your home’s value, but are packed with multiple benefits. If you’re sold on the idea, feel free to browse our new and replacement windows options. If there are any questions, we’re more than happy to answer!

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