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Introducing Auraline® Composite Windows: Elevating Your Space with Sophistication and Strength

Auraline® Composite windows come with a revolutionary design that boasts slimmer sight lines, ensuring unobstructed views that captivate the eye and expand your horizons. But that's not all – Auraline® Composite brings an exceptional level of strength that's bound to impress even the most discerning homeowners. With an integrated color that's engineered to last, Auraline® Composite windows save you time and money, all while retaining their vibrant allure year after year.

Why Choose Our Auraline® True Composite Windows?

Auraline® True Composite windows stand as a testament to both beauty and resilience. Crafted from an exclusive, advanced composite material, these windows redefine excellence by combining sleek aesthetics with remarkable strength. The integrated color technology not only resists scratches but also eliminates the need for frequent painting, ensuring lasting allure for your home.

Our windows are a result of meticulous design, featuring slimmer sight lines reminiscent of contemporary wood windows. This distinctive feature not only maximizes the presence of natural light but also offers expansive, breathtaking views that connect your living spaces to the great outdoors. Additionally, Auraline® Composite windows are engineered for energy efficiency, enhancing indoor comfort regardless of the climate.

Surpassing the rigidity of vinyl, Auraline® stands out with its twice-as-strong construction, providing a secure installation that exudes precision and cleanliness. With a steadfast commitment to durability, these windows are meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time, ensuring your investment is one that endures.

Auraline® Composite Window Highlights:

  • Next-generation composite material for enduring beauty
  • Integrated color technology that resists scratches and eliminates painting
  • Slimmer sight lines for enhanced natural light and expansive views
  • Energy-efficient design for optimal comfort in any climate
  • Unmatched strength, twice as rigid as vinyl

Our Extensive Range Of Auraline® Composite Window


Auraline® Composite


Hinged at the top, the Auraline® Composite Awning Window offers a unique swing-out design from the bottom, ensuring optimal ventilation even during rainy conditions. Our awning windows are equipped with energy-efficient glass technology to provide a seamless blend of functionality and low-maintenance convenience.
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Auraline® Composite


Experience effortless functionality with our Auraline® Composite Sliding Window. Designed with one sash that smoothly slides open and closed horizontally, while the other sash remains steadfastly stationary. These Auraline® windows are a practical and convenient choice for your space.
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Auraline® Composite

Fixed Trapezoid:

Elevate your view with the elegance of an unchanging composite picture window from Auraline®. Boasting a slender frame and expansive glass, this stationary picture window design ensures your focus remains captivated by the breathtaking scenery beyond.
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Auraline® Composite


Discover the perfect blend of innovation and convenience with the Auraline® Composite Single-Hung Window. Experience the best of both worlds as the top sash is stationary while the bottom sash effortlessly moves vertically and tilts inwards, ensuring effortless cleaning.
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Auraline® Composite


Featuring an outward-swinging window sash hinged on the side, you have the freedom to select either a right-hand or left-hand outswing sash, tailored to your preference. Embrace the benefits of energy-efficient glass technology and enjoy minimal maintenance, making Auraline® composite windows a practical and stylish addition to your space.
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Purchase Top-Quality Auraline® Composite Windows Today!

Auraline® Composite windows offer an unmatched combination of sophistication and strength that will elevate your living spaces to new heights. When buying our Auraline® composite windows, you are sure to elevate the style of your home to a new level.

We are in the process of adding the Auraline Composite Series to our website and pricing will be available soon. If you would like a quote or to place an order for Auraline Composite windows please give us a call or email us.

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