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Kitchen Windows: What to know before installation

Are you looking for a replacement window for your kitchen? Are you planning to give your kitchen a completely different look? If the answer to either question is “yes”, here are some things to keep in mind.

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in a home, which requires some unique considerations when choosing window types, styles and placement. For example, cooking can cause a lot of temperature changes in the room, and it also makes a mess, which demands a lot of cleaning. Therefore, it becomes important to carefully evaluate your space before you install a replacement window in the kitchen. For kitchen planning, there is an equal requirement for aesthetics without compromising on utility.


If you find that the conditions in a kitchen are damaging your existing window, you should consider installing replacement windows. There are a lot of options from which to choose, and in this article, we’ll talk about the best kitchen window choices. You can read more about replacement windows specific to other rooms here.

Kitchen Window Placement


Choosing what is the best fit for your kitchen depends entirely on the design layout of the kitchen. Most kitchen windows are placed above the kitchen sink, which gives those washing dishes a nice view. Also, a kitchen window that will open can serve a couple of purposes. They can be placed in an area to ventilate fumes from cooking, and by opening a window periodically, you can reduce the accumulation of dust as the kitchen airs out naturally. The perfect window placement will change depending upon intended use and the layout of your kitchen.

Patio Doors Connect a Kitchen to the Outdoors

A kitchen window is an extension of your kitchen, and it connects the kitchen to the exterior. We all want a unique space that has its own vibrancies and feel to it. In some modern kitchens, homeowners install patio doors instead of a large window. They can play a huge role in providing a completely different feel to the space. Kitchens with patio doors that open towards the backyard or garden add a nature’s touch to the kitchen. It also improves the quality of life by allowing free movement from the kitchen to outside in case we feel we need fresh air. This expanded view of the outside makes the kitchen feel more spacious and open. So much of our time is spent in the kitchen, it is important to make it as unique and functional as possible.

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Window

Installing a kitchen window comes with a range of benefits that include the following:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

When you create a space for a kitchen window, you might change the look of your kitchen entirely. By installing a window and letting more natural light into your kitchen, it makes it feel less confining. The beauty of the outdoors framed by a new window adds a great focal point to the room.

  • Natural Light

Installing a kitchen window allows natural light into the room with an added advantage of viewing the beauty of nature. It gives the room a pleasant ambience that any artificial light could not. Natural light also provides light to the entire room providing for good visibility in all areas.

  • Ventilation and Fresh Air

One of the primary functions of a kitchen window can be providing ventilation. Depending on the kind of kitchen window you install, you get increased ventilation along with it. According to research, a wide window that is easily opened provides great ventilation for a kitchen.

Kitchen Window Options

There are a lot of options from which you can choose, if you have decided to get a kitchen window installed. This choice depends on desired functionality, placement and budget. A consultation with one of the engineers at Window Liquidators could be a great help to make your final decisions. However, you might find the following information about different types of kitchen windows useful:

  • Garden Windows

Garden windows are the windows that protrude outside providing space you can use to decorate with indoor plants (hence the name “garden window”). You can get them custom built specific to your kitchen area. You can also use it to display collectibles or showpieces adding a unique touch to your kitchen.

  • Picture Windows

These are large windows that provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They provide a focal point within the kitchen. Because they come with no moving parts there is no ventilation but they work great when complemented with a patio door. Also, picture windows are a great source of natural lighting in the kitchen.


If you want to add a modern look to your kitchen you might want to install a casement window, which is usually placed over the kitchen sink. A casement window often comes with a crank therefore it is easy to open and close, and they open outwards providing an added benefit of providing fresh air. They are available in vinyl as well as wooden material.


Double-hung windows can be used in the kitchen if you are looking for a wider variant. They are one of the most commonly used kitchen windows. These windows provide two advantages as a choice for your kitchen: they open to provide ventilation and are large enough to flood the space with natural light.

  • Sliding Windows

Sliding windows come in many variants allowing you to choose accordingly specific to your utility and preference, usually horizontal and vertical. They add a sense of class to the kitchen and become good replacement windows since they are easy to match with the rest of the windows of the home.


Selecting a kitchen window is a difficult task at first but once you make that decision it adds great value to your kitchen and your home in general. Though consulting a professional about the right choice is always a good option, you can also trust your gut instinct about which kitchen window style fulfills your needs.

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