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Why You Should Consider Casement Windows

Whether you want to increase ventilation of your home or make it feel more comfortable and cozier, choosing the right kind of windows can get just what you need with the added benefits that come with the type you select. You can either get new windows constructed or get replacement windows installed in your home.

There are innumerable advantages of replacement windows. One is the safety that it provides in the long run, and two is the aesthetic value that it adds to your home. Installing these windows is an important step in giving your home a makeover both aesthetically and structurally.


There is a significant advantage from the tax credits that you can achieve by installing windows of specific energy ratings when it comes to vinyl windows. Replacement windows also increase property value, are low maintenance, and provide energy savings. You can also choose the material you want them to be made, whether it is vinyl, aluminum, or wood. They can also be fitted according to the design that suits the best, depending on a careful evaluation of the space. From single fit, double-hung, sliding, bow, and bay to casement windows, replacement windows come in many styles and designs.

Choosing the right style of replacement windows for your home depends upon the purpose the window serves. If you want both great ventilation and giving the room a great view, choosing to install casement windows is the way to go.

What are casement windows? 

When their popularity is compared to some of the most popular window types, such as slider, single-hung, double-hung, and fixed-type replacement windows, casement windows may be forgotten. However, they offer some of the most beneficial features.

Casement windows are windows that open outwards or inwards. Hinges are fixed on the corner of their frames, rendering a comfort of a door-like operation. They are some of the most exquisite types of windows you can get providing the dual advantage of the free flow of air and ease of use.


There is an aesthetic uniqueness that separates them from the rest since they are taller in height and narrower in width. This also provides the additional advantage of increased ventilation with more access to the outdoor view from the outside are also known as crank windows since they are to be cranked out or in for the opening.

In some other variants available, casement windows usually come with a nested handle that rotates and pushes the sash outward away or inward, depending on the opening type. Casement windows also come with the advantage of being more secure and protected from break-ins since the lock resides in the window’s frame, making intrusion more difficult.

With reinforced frames and reinforced sashes, casement windows also provide the added advantages of insulation, a noise-free environment and increased energy savings compared to any other style of windows.

Types of casement windows

Casement windows come with an advantageous feature of aesthetic as well as functional variants. These are some of the casement windows variants that you can consider:

  • Outswing: These casement windows swing outside. Due to this, they are one of the most popular variants of outswing windows. 
  • Inswing: Casement windows that open inside instead of outside are used mainly in rooms where a swing-out sash can be obstructing. 
  • French: These are the kind of casement windows that open from the center. They are used to add a classic aesthetical touch to the room with the added advantage of a wide opening.
  • Picture: Picture windows are used to bring the beauty of scenic outdoors inside the room and be complemented by casement windows. These windows also bring abundant natural light to the room. 
Source: Windowelements.com
  • Push Out: These are the kind of windows that push outwards using a handle that is to be turned. Push-out windows are simple and are available in traditional as well as modern styles providing more options when it comes to the aesthetics of your home.   
Source: www.windowexpress.com

Difference between casement windows and sliding windows

Before you decide to install casement windows, it is essential that you do your own research depending on the kind of space you have. Many replacement windows options are available when it comes to casement windows. Choose what feels right for your space. There are some key advantages that casement windows over sliding windows, which are the most common type of windows used in modern homes. The following are some of those advantages:


Sliding doors are used for tall and wide spaces. They open sideways with one of the units remaining fixated. Casement windows, on the other hand, have a crank that is used to open outward or inward completely, providing the comfort of operation design-wise.


Since sliding doors can be opened only partially with the half window closed or overlapping, it makes them limited when it comes to ventilation. Compared to them, casement windows are just like doors that can be completely opened, allowing for more ventilation.


Insulation is one of the very important factors contributing to energy savings. With flexible seals, sliding windows are less energy efficient. Casement windows don’t come with a flexible seal. Therefore, they are quite energy-saving, providing adequate insulation.

Benefits of casement windows

From the above, it is clear that casement windows are more than what they seem to be. They are quite beautiful without compromising on any of the functional aspects. Here is summary of reasons to choose casement windows:

  • Natural light: Casement windows are wider compared to most of the common replacement window types allowing for more natural light. 
  • Versatile: These windows come in various styles and materials, such as vinyl, fiberglass, wood, impact-resistant material, and more. This makes them versatile enough to suit your functional and styling needs. 
  • Clear view: A distinct feature that makes casement windows stand out is the view they offer. With a wide and complete opening, they provide a clear view of the outdoors. 
  • Increased Security: With the turning crank placed at a secure location, casement windows are one of the most secure windows. Other window types are easily be broken through by breaking the glass and reaching the lower latch. 
  • Increased airflow: Once installed, these windows become one of the primary sources of natural air, making your space airy and regulating the temperature of your rooms.  

It is apparent that casement windows is a fantastic option when it comes to replacement windows. Therefore, it is wise to set aside time and seek expert consultation before finalizing which variant to select. A correct choice can bring a lot of difference to your home. There are a lot of replacement windows to choose from, but casement windows remain one of the most beneficial choices because of their multitude of benefits, materials, and style variations. Select a variant that is more suitable both in function and appeal.  Choose from the casement windows on the Window Liquidators website or contact an expert today to discuss options.

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