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Specialty Windows: What are Bay, Picture & Egress Windows

Someone once said windows are the eye of a house, and we couldn’t agree more. While there are people who do not pay enough attention to the windows of their house, other have realized the impact windows can have! For the inside of the house, windows are undeniably significant. From the exteriors too, windows have the ability to enhance and completely transform the look of a house. The windows chosen to add character to a home usually fall into the category of specialty windows.

Specialty windows are all about extraordinary designs. With numerous unconventional designs and dimensions, specialty windows accomplish the usual need of a window quite well and add a unique appeal to your house at the same time. Specialty windows are not only visually attractive but may serve specific purposes as well. Let’s learn more about some of the most prominent specialty windows.

Bay windows

Bay windows are designed in such a way that they project outwards from the wall. Usually, bay windows consist of three individual windows – one in the middle that is the larger than the other two on the sides. Since these windows are angled beyond the exterior wall, the space inside the room can be thought of as a bay.

A similar type of window is a bow window. Instead of three windows, bow windows have four or five of them. The greater number of windows accounts for the curved appearance of the bow window. So, if we talk about the difference between a bay window and bow window, it’s the number of windows total in each.

Consider installation of a bay window if you want more natural light in your room, giving it a feeling of spaciousness. Completing the installation task on your own is possible, but it is difficult and quite complex. For trained experts, a new installation requires a couple of days and a replacement can even require multiple hours to complete. We suggest leaving this task up to the experts so as to get the job done right and in a timely fashion.

Source: Pella Windows

Picture window

These are among the most striking picks for a multipurpose window. With a simple four-dimensional shape and a glass pane, picture windows are unlike the other traditional windows as they do not open. However, a picture window can be combined with other types of windows to have windows that open on either side of it.

The main purpose of a picture window is to provide a view of the outside world from the inside of your room. Other advantages of installing a picture window are more sunlight and warmth, plus protection from cold air. Also, picture windows are perfect for a room with a high ceiling.

If we look from the affordability perspective, picture windows are generally cheaper than other specialty windows, including double-hung windows. This is all because the picture window comes with no moving parts and a relatively simple design. Additionally, the larger the size of the picture window, the more affordable it is.

Someone who has experience in home improvement projects and has the time to do the job correctly can install a picture window. Nonetheless, the amount of time it requires would be more if you decide to do it yourself.

Source: ID Systems

Egress window

Egress means an exit; and that is the original purpose of an egress window. Egress windows are designed to provide the means of escape in case of emergency situations. These windows are particularly required in basements and often paired with an egress well and steps to further facilitate easy movement. As a bonus, these windows can often let in some needed sunlight into an otherwise dark space.

Since the purpose here is to get a safe and quick exit, egress windows are big in size and have to comply with International Residential Code and size requirements.

  • Minimum opening area – 537 sq. ft.
  • Minimum opening height – 24 inches
  • Minimum opening width – 20 inches
  • Clear opening to ground distance – within 44 inches

For basement egress windows, there are additional requirements:

  • Window well are mandatory for unobstructed movement
  • Horizontal dimension – 9 sq. ft.
  • Horizontal projection – 36 inches
  • If a well is deeper than 44 inches, permanent ladders are must.

Depending on the location of the egress windows, the allowed shapes and dimensions differ. Speaking of the different styles, egress windows can be awning, slider, casement or single/double-hung type. Choosing the right type of egress window also depends on the available space.

Installation of egress window requires permission from city utilities and a lot more planning owing to the aforementioned regulations. For the same reason, egress window installation should not be considered a DIY project.

Source: Angie’s List

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