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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for home Improvement you must know

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for home Improvement you must know

Where from you start to walk and where you finally come to an end???  Well, that sweet place, close to each and everyone’s heart is our HOME. People have different types and kind of house where they live in, may be since ages or recently. That house turns into home by love of family members. It is sure that it would be everyone’s dream to a have a decorated house.

Well, if you are thinking of doing it, don’t worry. We are here like a guiding star for you. Let us list down a number of cost effective and beautiful ways to give a fresh look to your home.

  • Designing: Always choose a recommended designer for house to get a new stylist yet elegant Just an opinion from an expert would be sufficient. If you think designers are not worth it. Have a glance at the magazines and online websites that would help you to choose the look for the house.
  • Change walls: Yes! Well, not literally. Once could just change the color of the walls. Choose new color for paint. The one that is most in current trends yet simple. The other alternative is choosing a wall paper. One could have a combination of paint and wall paper to give an artistic modern look.

Wall accessories: A simple family photo will add a glam to the wall. Elegantly hanged lamps on the dine area or a huge chandelier would look so classy. Adding of book shelves on the walls gives a rich look. Look for new switches.

  • Improve lights: Yes, you read that right. Insufficient light gives dull and gloomy look to the house. The people living in would also not be mentally enthusiastic. The house will look smaller on an average than it is. Include wall lighting, table lighting, LEDs that are economical and easily available can be arranged in the best way in the ceiling to give bright look during night. Take off any heavy furniture near the passage of light. Let the sunlight in during day. Choose drapes that would allow some amount of light in the house. Lighter and brighter house gives massive look.
  • Fill up corners: The empty corners of your house are just like emptiness in your heart. Fill up the empty corners of house with indoor plants. Especially those corners where sunlight can reach. Add a soft lamp in the corner. The one that gives dim light. Large or small antique objects would also beautify that empty corner.
  • At your footsteps: while busy giving a visual treats, look for the floor too. If the floor is tiled then it’s not something to get worried for. Tiles are easy to clean and can be maintained easily for a long time. But just in case, there are rugs or carpets then one must watch out for contaminants hidden in them. They should be removed by washing or dry cleaning or just by removing them if they are too old.
  • Kitchen Area: Small changes gives big visual change . May be only a change in the sink, or change in microwave will give satisfaction of something new in the kitchen. Making use of good crockery set, melamine dinner set is a good idea to add something new and economical in the kitchen.
  • Sleepwell: Add a mesmerizing look to your bed room. Little change in bed linens, new pillow covers, adding a small object of decoration in the corner or a small indoor plant will add a elegance to the room. Organize closet and dressing table to have things handy when needed.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms need to be very clean. Keep towels, napkins and sanitizers always available. If you are using the older system of sanitation then change to the new one. Add a classy mirror for everyday use.
  • Go Green: Addition of lawn, trees and herbs in the garden area or in the balcony will naturally add beauty. Do not keep the mess, instead maintain well. This will surely give a marvelous look to your house.
  • Energy Efficient fixtures: This being very important these days, people have come up with the replacement of their regular wooden or metal frames windows with the vinyl ones. Vinyl windows are good and efficient alternatives. Nowadays they are very common in the new construction but with the older ones, other needs to be replaced with these ones. The advantage with vinyl windows are 1) long lasting, 2) energy saving, 3) no need to paint, 4) available in different shapes and varieties, 5) maintenance free 6) no fading or rusting, 7) available online 8) beauty is sustained, 9) do not let in dirt or insects through the frame, 10) made with colorfast material.



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