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Why Choose Triple Pane Windows over Double Pane Windows?

Why Choose Triple Pane Windows over Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows or triple-pane windows, which one is the best choice for a home? People usually get confused while searching for the best energy-efficient window designs. If you need to save energy and make your home warmers in the winter season, triple-pane windows are an excellent option over double pane windows. The triple glass window is better for many reasons, which you’ll find listed below: 

  • Triple Glass Windows Keep Home Warm in Winters

If you want to keep your home warm during the winter season, best rated triple-pane windows are an excellent choice over double pane windows. The extra glass chambers are helpful to lock the energy and keep your home warm during winters. The third pane of the glass provides an extra coating that helps filter sunlight and naturally keep your home heated. However, if you live in a tropical climate region, then double pane windows are best to have. 

  • Triple Pane Increases Thermal Efficiency

The best-rated triple pane window is made with argon and krypton gas which helps improve the thermal efficiency of the windows. Due to this additional feature, it helps to keep your homes cool in summer and warm in the winter season. To save more energy, you can also choose the triple-pane windows filled with krypton gas

It creates a barrier between the sun and the house, thereby blocking energy and preventing heat from escaping from the home. In comparison, double pane windows don’t have this additional layer of the krypton gas. Therefore, if you need to install an energy-efficient window in your home, triple-pane windows are the best option. 

  • Triple Glass Windows Reduces Condensation 

Condensation is generally found on the windows pane during summer and winter. It happens when warm air meets with a cool surface. As a result of this, moisture droplets form on the windows. This condensation is a serious cause of concern during winters. It indicates that the humidity level inside the home is higher than it should be. 

This indoor condensation can result in the breaking of the window and may cause water damage. Therefore, to keep you protected from such damage, install triple-pane windows in the home. This type of window helps to reduce condensation and prevent further damage

  • Triple Pane Window Cost  

Finally, the up-front cost of triple-pane windows is comparatively higher than double-pane windows. Though the triple-pane windows are expensive, their installation greatly increases the value of the home and prevents costly damage repair caused by condensation problems. In addition to this, triple pane windows are also helpful in lowering the energy bill. The larger investment can save money down the road.


Triple pane windows are durable and long-lasting. Choosing them for your home’s windows results in increased energy efficiency and less expensive energy costs. It helps to improve the thermal efficiency and is best suited to enhance the value of the homes, particularly in climates that experience winter temperatures each year. 

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