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Window Treatments: Say Good-bye to Summer Heat

Source: Sun facing windows

The scorching summer days are already on our heads. Although the idea of summer conjures images of beach volleyball tournaments and pool parties, that’s not always the reality. Sometimes it’s all about the blazing sun that makes it hard for you to even go out of your houses for a mile or two. Even staying at home can have its challenges, when the summer sun causing rising temperatures and challenges the ability to keep our homes cool and comfortable.

As with most problems, there is a solution. Let’s check out some of the many solutions for keeping your home cool on even the hottest days.

Choosing the right windows

Whenever we enter our rooms and find the temperature uncomfortable, one of the first things that comes to our minds is to check its windows. If the temperature feels too warm, we might open a window, and we close it if the situation is vice versa. When regulating a room’s cool a room by opening a window. In those cases, it’s more important that your windows keep the cool air from an air conditioner or fan in the room and the heat of the sun out. In these cases, vinyl windows can really make a difference. Let’s see how!

Benefits of Vinyl Windows in the Summer

  • Today, vinyl windows are an excellent energy-efficient option and are preferred by many. The material from which the windows are made give them this quality.
  • Vinyl window frames are equipped with multiple air chambers for extra insulation that help them reduce heat transfer from the room. Thus, we cooler even during the hottest days.
  • Vinyl windows also come with Low-E, or a low-emissivity coating that limits the ultraviolet and infrared rays passing through the glass of windows.
  • With the balance in temperature, it cuts down to the electricity bills. So overall, it’s a win-win situation. What more could you want?

Sun-Blocking Window Covering Choices

If your windows are facing the sun, the heat from outdoors will make your home extremely warm during those hot summer months. It would be costly to run your air conditioner enough to keep the place cool without some help. Choosing a smart window covering to reduce the amount of heat entering the room can make a huge difference. And there are A LOT of great choices. Let’s review:


 Source: Window Awnings

A window awning is an extension covering on the outside of your home over a window or a door that guards it against sunlight, rainfall, wind etc. It limits the excessive sunlight entering our home in summer and keeps the entire house cooler. It can reduce the temperature by 65-80 percent. Awnings come in various styles, colors, and materials. Depending upon our choice, they can be fixed or adjustable and are available in manual or fully automatic form. An awning can cover vast spaces like a deck or patio, or even individual windows.

Window Blinds

Source: Window Blinds

Window blinds are an efficient way to block the summer heat from entering a room. They are available in many categories and are available with vertical or horizontal slats. Slat-type window blinds look great and are quite functional, being fully adjustable for controlling light and ventilation.

When window blinds are fully closed on sun-facing windows, they can reduce heat gain from over 45-50 percent. 


Source: Window Curtains

During summer days it is advised to keep the curtains closed, especially on the sun-facing side of your home, in order to keep your room cooler.

Today’s high-quality curtins and drapes block the sunlight quite efficiently. They are available in many stylish colors and materials. Moreover, with the advanced manufacturing processes, they give the best results and are pocket-friendly too. Some researches show that these curtains can reduce heat gain by 35 percent and can be even more effective, if sun/heat blocking styles are chosen.

Some tips to maximize heat-blocking efficiency of your curtains:

  • Attach the curtains as near to the windows as possible
  • Seal the curtains on both the ends by a velcro tape
  • Plus points if the curtains fall on the floor or past the window sill
  • Overlap the curtains in the middle

Window Shades

Source: Window Shades

Window shades are window coverings attached with a roller bar hung at the top edge of the window. They use a lifting mechanism for pulling up and down with the help of a cord. They are one of the easiest and useful for reducing heat transfer and are available in various styles, fabrics, and numerous shades and designs. Some of the most popular styles include Roman shades, roller shade and even solar screen shades.

The materials of the shades are as per the size of window casing. When the shade is drawn up, it bundles or folds around the rod at the top, based on the style of the shade.

Window Films

Source: Window Films

Window films are a thin, multi-layer laminate film that can be fitted on the inside or outside of the window glass. It can reduce up to 70- 80% heat transfer and block the harmful ultraviolet rays.

They are usually preferred by those who cannot bear heat coming from outside but at the same time don’t want to hinder the view of the window.

Window films usually have different coatings: first, an adhesive coating that bonds with the glass, then a polyester layer, and lastly a scratch-proof film for durability. Today, Low-e window films are also chosen as an energy-saving alternative.

There are many reasons a homeowner might choose to install window films instead a window covering:

  • It doesn’t affect the look of the window
  • Adds a decorative feature to the windows
  • Provides the same view and that too without any light
  • Helpful in energy saving

Although these are great reasons to use a window film, remember that they require extra care while cleaning and their reflections can sometimes be annoying.

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