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We are happy to help you choose the correct type of window for your house. It is very important to make a right choice. Whether you are renovating your house or it’s a new built, adding correct style of window can make your house look beautiful and enable adequate amount of light and ventilation. Here is the list of most popular style of windows to enable you to take the decision.

1) Casement style: They are usually placed where its hard to reach like usually above the bath tub or sink or above cabinets or counters. They are hinged at the side and the opening is made on the outer side to give ample amount of ventilation.

2) Awning windows: They are hinged upward and open from the bottom. They are good source of ventilation and light and can be kept open even during rains. The opening arrangement does not allow rains in the house, thought the light and fresh air can be in.

3) Double-hung windows: They are perfect choice when there is a lack of space especially next to walk-away, porches etc. The traditionally designed windows have double sashes. The upper sash can be lowered and the bottom one can be raised to provide double ventilation.

4) Single-hung windows: Traditional window where the bottom sash moves up to open the window but the upper sash does not move. It is usually places in living room or bedroom. They have become a common choice for modern house construction.

5) Sliding: It is one of the nicest and most comfortable styles of windows. One does not need to bend or reach height. It includes one sash that does not move and the other that moves horizontally to let the fresh air in.

6) Bay windows: Bay windows look architectural while maximizing room space. It is generally fixed on the outer walls. It has a fixed center window with casement of double hung windows in sides. The center window remains parallel with the walls.

7) Bow Windows: This window is enriched with more style and flair. It has an expanded view because a single unit contains 4 to 5 windows. It allows more light and fresh air in less space. It occupies a major part of walls to give extended outer vision. Bow windows form a curve on the walls and could be a great added beauty for your living room or bed room.

8) Special Shapes: These windows are designed with endless possibilities. They are available in various size and shape to enhance an architectural style for your home or office. They are quite affordable and can add to the richness of house or business.

9) Custom Shape: One of the fabulous types of windows, custom made windows. They are like ornaments to your house. One can have their choice of design and style at an unbeatable price here. It goes like this, “You ask for it and we make it”. It could be an arch, a quarter, oval, octagon and many more that one can think of.

10) Fixed Windows: These are one of the best options to keep noise, dust, dirt and pollutants away. The window is not operable. It can be used in combination with other venting windows. Fixed windows have a primary intention to allow one to have enough light and good view.

Remodeling a house or making a new is a one-time thing in life. Hence having correct types of windows for that one time is essential too. Well, the choices are many. Do not bother. The solution is only a click away!!

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