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Why should you consider installing soundproof windows?

Outside noise is always an issue for homeowners. Though their source might be different, whether you live in an urban or rural setting there are few things more irritating than loud noises.

For anyone, a home should be a place of tranquility. One of the most commonly faced issues when designing a home is establishing this environment by getting out ahead of noise problems for its residents. Whether it is a sound sleep or reading a novel that you fancy, a decent amount of peace is expected and required.

In modern times, tranquility has become one of the most important factors when choosing a home. But what about an existing home where the noise level is high? Replacement windows that reduce outside noise could be an option. Before engaging in any redesigning or renovation projects for your home it is a prerequisite to get a sound profile for your home. This helps you get a holistic idea before you start planning your home’s soundproofing initiatives.

But before we hop into suitable soundproof window options for our homes, we should understand what noise is, and how it affects our lifestyle.

What is noise?

Noise is any unwanted sound that is amplified or in high frequency that can cause noise pollution. It can come from construction work near our homes or a neighbor playing stereo out loud, or it can be an event being conducted near a residential area. It can range from a combination of high frequencies to low frequencies. In a residential apartment, noise levels must be subsided through effective damping solutions. In simple words, damping is cutting off or restraining vibrations depending on the surface through which they are propagating.

Some lesser-known facts about noise

  • Low-frequency noise, such as that of moving garbage trucks, is more difficult to control than high-frequency noise.
  • A baby’s cry is louder than that of a car’s horn at about 120dbs
  • Our ears can pick up different kinds of sounds even during our sleep
  • Once damaged, hearing loss is permanent throughout our life 

How does noise pollution affect us?

After air and water pollution, noise pollution has a major impact on our lives. According to a National Geographic report, noise pollution is an invisible danger to all humans.

Noise has the potential to cause health problems for us, causing heart rate increase, high blood pressure, and deafness, both temporary, and in some cases, permanent hearing loss. In fact, any sound above 80db can cause serious damage to human hearing. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the most serious issues in today’s world.

One of the bi-products of noise pollution is the problem of Tinnitus, which can happen after prolonged exposure to noise that is above 70db. It causes ringing in the ears and imbalance in the body’s posture and balance, in general, becomes disoriented.

Reasons to get soundproof windows

Soundproofing is one of the most undervalued assets of a home. The following are the benefits one can reap from soundproofing.

  1. Health and Safety 
  2. Quiet Environment for Working from Home
  3. Home Comfort & Privacy
  4. Regulations and Noise Policy 
  5. Good Conversion & Being a Good Neighbor

Health and Safety

As we covered above, noise has the potential to make you deaf or permanently damage your hearing. It can also cause pulmonary problems, stress, blood pressure problems, lack of sleep, and other problems. For safety from noise pollution, we need an effective soundproofing solution for our homes.

Productive Work Environment

Noise is an issue that if left unattended it can cause a lot of problems in the long run. As we work more from home, we need quiet to concentrate on the task at hand, but we also need a quiet environment for online meetings. With less noise and a quiet atmosphere, you can establish a higher-quality work environment. A productive atmosphere means more output and faster working potential.

Home Comfort & Privacy

Privacy is the most important factor we value today. When it comes to our home, it is difficult to achieve a sense of security and privacy. This is because there are too many disturbing factors that need to be cut out. This is one of the primary reasons why you should install soundproofed windows.

Noise Regulations and Policies

Apart from health and comfort issues, noise can also create legal issues for you since it is compulsory to adhere to a set of noise-related legal guidelines set by the government. We don’t want any trouble legally because that might turn out to be costly for us. This point is made to remind you that soundproofed windows not only keep outside noises out, but also inside noises contained. Install those soundproof windows, and then rock-out to your heart’s content!

Improved Communication – Inside Your Home and Out

For effective communication, it is a prerequisite that the environment is noise-free with little disruption from external noise. On average, a conversation between more than 2 people ranges between 60-70db. To enable a healthy exchange of ideas a peaceful environment is a must.

When you want to be a good neighbor, containing the noise from gatherings inside your home is important. Nobody wants neighbors to complain, so reducing the amount of noise that goes out becomes crucial. Soundproofing dampens the majority of sound and contributes to a peaceful neighborhood.

Tips for Soundproofing Your Existing Windows

If you aren’t ready for the trouble and expense of replacing your existing windows then you can treat your windows using varied methods to make them soundproof. Depending on the size of the window area of your room, you can use acoustic noise eliminators for framing the windows. It is made up of high-grade acrylic material that plays the role of absorbing sound.

By adding more filling material to insulate the windows, you make them more resistant to noise passing through. Thicker glass, triple pane glass, and storm windows play an equally important role in blocking sound. Sound could also be entering your home through its walls, so adding insulation or extra layers of material to your walls could help with the problem.

Window Liquidators offers a wide range of soundproof windows, depending on the size requirements of our clients. Consult our engineer to get a better idea of what fits your specific needs. You can read more about replacement windows here

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