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Curb Appeal: Windows Make a Difference

There are many opportunities to add curb appeal to your home and property. From creating a neat front lawn to choosing an attractive exterior paint color each detail should be considered. Since no home is complete without windows, that choice presents an additional opportunity.

How Do Windows Add Curb Appeal?

It is true that windows are a must for natural light and ventilation, but considering the best style windows for curb appeal can considerably enhance the beauty of a house. Because on most houses the windows take up a good share of the front façade. Thus, an investment in the windows would certainly boost the home’s curb appeal in a number of ways.

Windows add character

Windows can define the style and personality of your home. Each window type has characteristics that define the architectural style of the house. For every home style, a perfect window type is available to add to the curb appeal. A modern styled home can go with a glass panel or casement windows for classic curb appeal. Likewise, a mid-century modern home looks great with double-hung windows.

Update the home’s style

Windows should not be considered a simple panel of glass. The shape, style, frames, colors, etc. of windows are entirely capable of changing the look of the house. Windows should be the first thing considered when you decide to change the exteriors of your house. You would be surprised to see how changing only the windows can change the curb appeal of your house.

Add to the home value

Let’s jump to some other numbers derived through various studies to understand how curb appeals add to the value of a home.

  • A good first appearance of a home can add up to 10% to the value of the home according to Money Magazine
  • Additionally, the source says Window Cleaning is the home improvement project with the highest return on investment at 768%, topping the list of tasks. Get some simple steps for DIY window cleaning from Window Liquidators.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors, curb appeal sells 49% of all houses.
  • More than 75% of people who first view a property on the internet will drive by before contacting an agent – Christine Rae, Author, Home Staging for Dummies.
  • Match Window to Home Style With a wide variety of architectural home styles, it only makes sense that some window choices are a better choice for one style over another. Here are some suggestions:
  • Modern farmhouse – For this type of house, double-hung windows are the widespread choices as they require large windows for the maximum amount of light. The design of double-hung windows with the right choice of colors blend seamlessly with the modern farmhouse design. You can also go with single-hung and awning windows depending on the size requirements. Black farmhouse windows with simple lines provide a sophisticated space to the house.
Source: The House Designers
  • Craftsman bungalow – Craftsman houses usually have a single or double-hung window with the bottom window consisting of a single pane. Unlike colonial style, the grilles won’t have horizontal lines, but the top section will be divided into vertical grills. The difference in the type of grills is the reason for enabling double-hung windows to be used in craftsman style homes. The other popular choice for this home style is casement windows.
Source: Pinterest
  • Mid-century modern: Mid-century modern style homes are quite popular and feature large glass panes with no division. The perfect choice for such homes is a picture window which provides a spread-out and unhindered view of the outdoors. Since picture windows come without glazing bars, they provide a picturesque view through a fixed-pane window. Similarly, patio doors go well with modern and contemporary properties due to its clean design and modern appearance.
  • Cape Cod – Capes are synonymous with sash windows and hence, a cape cod home style would generally be dominated by double-hung windows. The double-hung windows in this type of home may also include shutters complementing the home style. Casement windows are another option for the cape cod style. If you do not want to lift the sash but prefer opening them with a crank-out handle, consider casement windows over double-hung windows.
Source: Sunburst Shutters

Match Landscaping to Window Type for Best Curb Appeal

As you plan landscaping around your home, don’t forget to think about how it will grow and either highlight or hide your home’s windows. Here are some suggestions for highlighting different window styles with landscaping ideas.

  • Casement window – For wooden casement windows, you can have vines on one of its sides which begin from the ground at the left or right and extend up to the top-middle section of it. If there is enough greenery around the house, vines all around the window will give a unique appeal. Use a trellis to guide the growth of these vines to protect the exterior of your home. For modern style homes, the ground area close to the window can have a concrete pavement with some evergreen shrubs.
  • Bay window – Bay window angle out in a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape. Following the same shape, small flowering plants like Verbena, Australian Daisy, Portulaca, etc. can be planted around the window. A decorative, small, and neatly shaped tree next to the window looks great as well.
Source: Pinterest
  • Double-hung windows – These windows can have small plants on both sides of it as well as under it. To ensure the window is properly highlighted, the plants under it should be equal to the length of the wall under the window and the plants around it must be larger in size.
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